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Machupicchu The Lost City of the Inkas

Since Hiram Bingham "discover" Machupicchu in 19911, the site has captured the imagination of much of the world an is, perhaps, the single feature which people commonly identify with Perú.

Machupicchu was not really The Lost City of the Incas because most of the Indian residents of the zone knew about of the site when Bingham arrived to "discover it. Nor was it the site of the Incas last refuge before the advance of the Spanish armies. In fact, the last Inca rulers probably withdrew from Machupicchu once the Spanish gained control of the upper Urubamba river.

Machupicchu was a flourishing ceremonial and agricultural site, probably the gateway to the jungle marches of the Empire. The central buildings were erected with the polished stoneworks of the Cusco Imperial style, though the site was probably occupied well before the Incas started their expansion. It was closely associated with the earth cut revolving around the Coca leaf, which was a privilege of the Inca Royal family and priests. Coca is still consumed today by the Andean peasant, mixed with lime and chewed. It take the bite out of hunger and fatigue, but has more important significance on social and magical leves.

The ruins –staircases, terraces, temples, palaces, towers, fountains, the famous Intiwatana and the Museo the Sitio below the ruins require at least one day, some say tow. The mountain overlooking the site, Huaynapicchu, has steps to the top for a superlative view of the whole ruins, but it’s not for those who get giddy, the walk up takes about one hour but the steps are dangerous after bad weather.


In the morning we pick you up at your hotel to go to the train station, place where we will board the train that will transport us to the town of "Aguas Calientes". There we are going to take the bus that will take us to the citadel of Machupicchu, guided visit for 3 hours. Finished our tour of the main atractions of the archaeological sanctuary, we go down in bus to "Aguas Calientes", where we are going to lunch (not included), return to Cusco.

At your arrival we will be waiting for you at the train station, to take you to your hotel.


Transportation:Touristic train of departure and return
Bus: Way up and down to “Aguas Calientes” – Machupicchu.
Gude: Español / Ingles
Entrance Ticket: Machupicchu
Transfer: Hotel - Train station – Hotel


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