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Our Logo is an stylized drawing representing the spectacled bear (Tremarctos Ornatus), to the back is the silhouette of the map of our dear country Perú and its sovereign 200 miles of ocean. 

The spectacled bear, also known as UKUKO or UCUMARI is the only species of bear that lives in the Inca Andes, and there are some legends about it: One of them says that it was the link between the earth and the supreme beings, since the gods lived on the top of the mountains and the bears lived around the high andean forests. 

For the incas these animals went out the darkness of the forest to the light of open land to walk around good and evil and the road to talk to the gods. Its body of uniform black color, except for the big white circles and semicircles around its eyes, also has white lines and semicircles that extend from the neck to the chest, giving it an original and special beauty. Its height including head and body is from 120 to 180 cm. The males weigh 140 Kilos, while the females are smaller and weigh from 80 to 90 Kilos. The tale is 07 cm. long. 

This species has nightlife habits and a lonesome life. It is one the rarest in the country and it is catalogued in danger of extinction and protected in all national parks and sanctuaries. Its hunting is prohibited.


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