To prevent an allergical reaction to some food or insect bites, always carry with yourself medicine for allergies.

Carry adhesive bandages, long hikes could cause bruises, pocket packages of tissues are also adviceable (nothing guarantees there will be toilet paper in some places), wet tissues, film, batteries, trip packages of your usual cosmetic products, little bottle of detergent and softener to wash by hand and dry in the sun.

A small waist wallet bag, that fits the passport, a personal traveler's diary, voyagers frequently find free time to register details of their trips. Buy a prepaid international telephone card for emergencies so you don't have to worry about having enough change for a call. Talking about the weather, you should always be ready for rain. In all trips carry a rain poncho with you. Many credit cards are used internationally. If you carry an ATM card, you can get the current exchange rate without paying comission fee. It might not be accepted in some banks, but it is good advice in general. Ask in your bank for a list of oversea banks where your card could be accepted.

If you enjoy photography and plan to take the best photographs of Perú, we advice you not to walk alone taking pictures, nevertheless if you have an expensive camera cause you could be easily pinpointed by thieves; ask for permission if you want to take photographs of somebody, professional film is hard to find so you'd better take enough with you, prepaid revealing is not accepted, specialized black and white revealing labs are rare or unexistent.

Necessary equipment for the Inca Trail
· Complete set of spare clothes
· Several pairs of socks, underwear and T-shirts.
· A rain poncho or waterproof jacket
· Hiking boots and sandals.
· We don't recommend shorts since mosquitoes can have a feast on you. · A big backpack for: sleeping bag, matress, clothes, shoes (It is important to distribute the weight in your backpack this way: the soft and light clothes to the bottom or fit to your back, and the heavier ones towards outside or to the top.
· A small backpack for: your documents, water, camera, personal care, cap, sunglasses, sunblock, repelent and a jacket for sudden cold weather.
· Medicaments: for altitude sickness (coramin), diarrea, stomach colics, adhesive bandages, disinfectant, short bandage, water purifier.

Our prices depends of which kind of service you choose and the date of departure, we will send the price of any program in less than 24 hours.

For the Inca trail there are two kind of service for example: The Shared Service or standard is basically a group that you can just join. You'll be trekking with like-minded hikers from all over the world, a great chance to meet new friends and travel companions. Shared Group Service In this service you have porters who carry the equipment and food.

A Private Service is organized just for you with private transport and your own personal guide. We don't add other people to your group the provided, the best service possible with personal attention and added comfort, you have a porter to carry a maximum of 15 kilos, he can transport your sleeping and clothes.
Additionally we have general porters to carry camping equipment (tents and mattress) and cooking stuff.

If you like we can reserve for you a hotel, when you send your e-mail please to ask for a reserve of hotel and we do for you.

If you want we can buy local flight tickets, bus tickets for Puno, Arequipa. And we contact with us to ask prices and dates.

We can suggest the plan of your trip, let us known, how many day you will stay in Peru and what kind of activities do you like to do.

Visas are not necessary for citizens from most countries in the Americas and Western Europe. Citizens of Bolivia, Ecuador and Chile do not need either a passport or a visa to enter certain regions of Peru. Make sure with the Peruvian consulate in your country for better information. Visitors entering Peru for tourism are granted a 90-day stay, which can be extended by the Immigration Office. Travelers must bear a valid passport or safe-conduct pass issued by Peruvian immigration authorities.

Passengers should fill out and sign the sworn luggage declaration described in the previous section. The article or total number of articles should not exceed the value of US$1,000.00 up to a limit of US$3,000.00 within a calendar year. Travelers must present their declaration to the customs official to calculate the customs duty (determined by law). The duty is to be paid at the bank window located in the same area. In Peru, we trust you.


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